Meet CoHealth

A Platform for Trusted Content

A single place to share engaging health content

Easily Find Content

Enable discoverability through powerful search and thoughtful organization

Tools to Create & Distribute Content

Easily upload, organize and manage content through scalable content organization tools

Data Driven Insights

Understand content performance and impact better than ever before with utilization data.

Deeper Engagement

Your content is surrounded by tools that make it easy for people to share and track health measures, manage meds, and more.

Privacy and Support

We provide a secure platform, top-tier customer support, and peace of mind.

A Closer Look

  • All Health Content When and Where It’s Wanted

    Share any kind of content: text, images, PDFs, videos, and more, in any language on CoHealth’s mobile platform. Reach people where they already are and extend your impact as a result.

  • Measure Utilization For Better Understanding

    CoHealth’s advanced analytics give you insights into which pieces of content are resonating with consumers. Measure performance over time and evolve your content strategy as needed. Try doing that with paper!

  • Tools That Promote Action

    Content drives action. Use CoHealth to track and manage medications, measure and visualize indicators like blood pressure, weight, or heart rate, and share progress, key information, or updates with whoever you’d like.