CoHealth For Health Service Providers

Engage & educate patients like never before, with CoHealth’s personal health manager.

How It Works

1. Decide
Determine launch areas and/or departments for CoHealth.
2. Digitize
CoHealth will digitize all key patient educational materials for easy patient access.
3. Distribute
CoHealth provides you with the materials your organization needs to get started handing out CoHealth to your patients.

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For Healthcare Service Providers

Ecosystem Agnostic
We know that you serve a variety of patients with a variety of needs. CoHealth is distributed in emergency departments, surgical units, maternity units, and more. We can assist patients in any care continuum.
Fully Customizable
CoHealth is fully customizable to meet the needs of your patients. From department to department, we work with you and your staff to ensure your patients receive the support they require for a successful recovery.
Brand Extension
Patients trust your organization and the quality of care you provide. CoHealth is branded for each health service provider we partner with so patients know their care provider is nearby whenever needed.
Patient Feedback Surveys
Traditional paper-based methods for collecting patient experience data and patient-reported outcomes are expensive and take a lot of time. CoHealth provides you with the data you need faster than ever before.
Privacy & Security
CoHealth does not collect or track any personal health information on patients in any capacity. We work with care our provider partners without the privacy pains.
Access To Community Care
The patient journey doesn't end when a patient leaves your care centre - its just beginning. Support patients through CoHealth's "care-finder" section, providing patients with nearby community support for anything they may need.

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