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CoHealth helps health organizations create and distribute health content that inspires engagement and better understanding to promote positive behaviour change.

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Use your existing content or tap into content from other health creators on CoHealth.



CoHealth’s content creation tools make it easy to bring together content of all formats.



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  • What do Health Organizations Get with CoHealth?

    The majority of health organizations don’t have an effective content strategy. Those that do, spend too much time and money managing, updating, and distributing health content. If you are a hospital or clinic wanting to provide clear support and guidance, a not-for-profit trying to reach more people and extend your brand, or an industry partner looking to educate and ensure compliance, CoHealth can be the tool that bridges the gap between you and your audience.

  • How Do People Use CoHealth?

    Thousands of people are using CoHealth today. The mobile app, downloaded on smartphones, makes it easy for anyone to access trusted and relevant content from health organizations. People are looking for content creators that get them answers to what matters most. By sharing your health content on CoHealth, you’re ensuring that people receive those answers from you.

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