Meeting the Needs of Care Providers and Patients Across All Areas of Care

By giving patients the tools and resources they need to manage and coordinate care, CoHealth can improve patient experiences and outcomes, while empowering care providers to make more informed decisions with timely data capture from patients.

What Patients Are Saying

Steps to Launch CoHealth



Determine the care pathway(s) that you’d like to support by launching CoHealth.



CoHealth brings educational materials together for easy patient access and care management.



It’s time to start sharing CoHealth with your patients. We’re here to support you throughout this journey!

  • What Do Care Providers Get With CoHealth?

    CoHealth is easy to launch within your organization. The CoHealth Team will work alongside your organization’s staff for a smooth and simple implementation and will provide ongoing support to ensure your expectations are consistently exceeded. CoHealth offers a variety of support, customization, and data tiers to meet your organization’s needs, and the platform will always be simple to integrate into any existing workflows within your organization.

  • How Do Patients Use CoHealth?

    CoHealth is distributed to patients at any time during their care journey: before, during or after a care visit. The CoHealth platform is downloaded and installed onto the patient's mobile device. Technical support is always available for patients or staff through our dedicated support team if required. Patients are able to easily access resources and care management tools for support that have been shared with them through their care provider or care team.

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